An Icon, Standing Tall and High.

Your Pinnacle, Your Peaks Aimed for Success.

To Be Admired, To Aspire, To Reach.

You Stand Out, Tall and Proud, a Spectrum of Beauty.

The Kaleidoscope of Colours Reflecting Sunlight,

A Diamond. 

The Shadows Mirroring the Clouds, 

The Raindrops of Tears.

Beautiful Architect. 

I look with Immense Pride.

Warms my Heart; Fills Me with Pride to Show You off.

“Yes, The Shard, an Emblem Status of London”.



The Sky is Never Too Far.
The Peak is Never Too High.
Reach for the Sky, but Aim for the Sun.
Dance with the Moon and Embrace the Universe.
Dream Far and Wide.
Make It Real.
Nothing Should Hold You.
Nothing Should Stop You.
Banish the Blues; Be True to Yourself

©KBCImages 2018

Where do I start? So much could be said about this beautiful spectrum of modern architecture. An emblem made out of sparkling shards of glass. This takes living (or staying) in a glass house to a new level.

Ninety-five floors pyramid of sky-high glass; The Shard is an infusion of restaurants, a hotel, offices and the tourist attraction, The View. Vetted as the tallest building in London, UK and the EU it is unrivalled in looks and splendor.

Imagine being woken by a kiss from the sun? Yes, please! The awesome views; dinning in the ‘air’, sipping champagne or cocktails in the sunset and dancing the night away with the stars! What more can you ask for?

I am yet to passed by The Shard and not stopped to look at this breathtaking spectacle. Exquisite! The sunlight bouncing off the glasses, the endless trail up to the pinnacle and the never-ending reflections of London’s weather moods. It’s simply magnificent.

London boasts of many artistic cityscapes of buildings and skyscrapers, each unique and spectacular in their own rights. But for me, The Shard does it every time. It’s simply, Wow!


(More Pics from The View from the Shard coming soon)


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