Peckham Festival

PECKHAM?! Not many people have heard or know where Peckham is!
Peckham, a small suburban in the Southeast London borough of Southwark is located ten minutes from London Bridge and fifteen minutes from Westminster.

Peckham is a diverse community inhibited by people from all walks of life. There is a mellowed tangible vibe that resonated among the locals. In the last few years more people have moved into the area. It is the latest hub for upcoming trendy professionals.

Three years ago a group of people and some organisers got together to create Peckham Festival. It was created with the aim of bringing the locals closer to the businesses and showcasing different artistic and creative talents. Everyone joins together as one big community.

My belief is; ‘Community is the heartbeat of the environment’. Where you live or work is part of who you are.

The festival is now part of the local activity celebrated every year. It is fresh; it is vibrant and full of old, new and contemporary community spirits. Activities with live music, art exhibitions, workshops, drinks and foods. Yes, glorious foods! And lots of fun!

The Heart

Reveal in the Lines
Embrace the Form
Constructed and Refined
Beating, Pumping
Flooded in Red
Yet, Blue Blooded.

Wonderfully and Beautifully Made
Gold and Diamonds have no Values
Stately, Regal; not a Blemish in Sight
Lava of Love, Furnace of Rage,
The Beats of the Heart.

Poem: ©Lady D.
Art: ©Katie Buckett

Over the festival weekend; from Friday to Sunday, the locals, strangers and tourists mingle and interact with each other. They have fun, dance to the music, enter competitions and sample some of the local and international cuisines.

Some people enjoy meals at some of the quirky bars and restaurants in the area or watch the latest blockbuster at the cinema, all without breaking the banks. Plus you could watch the sunset over the London skyline from the rooftop for free!
The weekend culminates to an end with old friends having fun, some making new friends, everyone being merry and enjoying the buzz.

Yes, Peckham Festival is still far off from being in the same leagues as Notting Hills Carnival or Glastonbury festival but there’s a saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day…” So lets give it a few more years and then come back to this.
So…what’s wrong with Peckham? Nothing is ‘WRONG’ with Peckham!


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