London is one of the world’s leading cities. Known for many of its iconic landmarks all over the city, from the Big Ben, to the London Eye, to the Buckingham Palace and not to forget the famous London buses. The bars are set right up there with many beautiful cities all over the world. These landmarks are spectacular and unique in their own rights.
London is reputed to have an estimate of over three thousand buildings, with the Shard being the tallest. This iconic building is in a class of its own. No more words are needed.

The artistic representations of the city are too many to count with new buildings being built on a daily basis, all vying for the best locations within the London surroundings.
The shapes and designs of these buildings are an architectural delight. The merging of past designs with the present and the future are a beauty to behold. These are some of the charms that attract tourists from all over the world and of course the famous traditional fish and chips!

Beauty comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. Beauty within and beauty without, it is from your angle of perception.


Kings Cross Concourse Ceilings

Kings Cross Concourse Ceilings

One such iconic architectural beauty is the King’s Cross and St Pancreas Station. They are spectacular!
The ceilings in King’s Cross Station are a beauty to behold, a tree-like umbrella spreading its brunches out like a canopy. The reconstruction of both stations with a modern and traditional Victorian twist are astonishing.
And let’s not forget the invisible platform 93/4 Here for the train to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter’s old stomping ground.

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