London Cityscapes

I am not an architect or have any links or connections to buildings, structural designs or constructions. What I do have is an innate appreciation for nature, beauty and artistic creation. I can, in most situations, see beauty in the most grotesque thing or being.

I believe there is beauty in everything; you just have to look for it. It could be the contour or tone of a person, the structural pattern or design or shape of a building or the story of the abstract painting. There is beauty in everything.


London is one of the world’s leading cities. The bars are set right up there with many other beautiful cities in world. London is known for many of it iconic landmarks scattered all over the city. These landmarks are spectacular and unique in their own rights. It would be cataclysmic to try to compare them in shape or design.

London is reputed to have within an estimate of over three thousands buildings, with the Shard being the tallest. This iconic building is in a class of it own. No words are needed.

The artistic representations of the city are too many to count. New buildings are being built everyday, vying for the best or most attractive tourist and home attractions.

The shapes and designs of many of these buildings are an architectural delight. The merging of past designs with the present and the future are a beauty to behold.

Beauty comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. It is not just what’s before your eyes but also what you perceived in your mind. Beauty is from your angle of perception.


One of such beauty is the King’s Cross and St Pancreas Station. It is spectacular! I love the reconstruction of both station and how many of the former features have been left as it is. And inside you get an endless merging of different pattern designs. The ceiling in King’s Cross Station is a beauty to behold.

I cannot tell or give you information about the type or styles of architectural designs used – there are loads – Modern, Gothic, Art Deco, Baroque or Victorian just to name a few, but I can present a different way of looking at some of the structures and buildings you go by on daily basis.

This London Cityscape portfolio is to showcase the beautiful shapes and patterns of this fantastic iconic city I am proud to call home. The talents involved in the planning, shaping and styles used is spectacular, if not exquisite!