Christmas Time

Memories Of Christmas


Memories of Christmas, the lights the trees and carols.

There’s something about Christmas…

The early nights; chilly and cold

The rush to leave work after dark

The warmth and cosiness of the home

Snuggles under the blankets and duvet

Marshmallows roasting over an open fire…

Christmas lights switched on

The rush and buzz of presents shopping

The aroma of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine

Carols blaring from speakers and sang nearby

Grins and laughers; people as happy as Larry.

There’s something about Christmas…

Tis the night before Christmas, all is calm all is bright

Snow stretched far and wide like the cover of a postcard

Joyful merry flickers from many households

Family gathered, friends scorned, stories told and secrets hidden.

One day. Time stood still.

Goodwill to all life.


Last Christmas is a cold memory of yesterday’s night dreams. Being as we are in the New Year, it’s time for fresh starts with new opportunities to encounter. The next jingles are many months away. But knowing the kind of world we live in, many people cannot wait for all the bustles and madness of Christmas to start again.


Christmas is celebrated by billions of people remembering the birth of Christ (who wasn’t actually born during winter).
I sometimes wondered why a single day makes so much difference to the rest of the year. Christmas time has an allure like no other. One would think that since it happens during the cold seasons it wouldn’t appeal to the masses.


But then, when you think of all the lovely bright lights, the warm interiors of stores and homes, the merriments of music and the anticipations of all those gifts, you can be forgiven not to remember the cold dark chilly wintery nights.


Regardless of the fact that many companies and organizations take advantages of the festive season to make commercial profits, people still fall to the whims and wiles of Christmas expenses.


Thousands of people still spend more money than they can afford on gifts, foods and what’s not. Yes, we, as human beings can be gullible to some extents. But sometimes it’s not the affect but the effects of the festivity that adheres to us.


Although predominately a Christian occasion, many other religious denominations and atheists have been known to join in the festivities.


Truth be told, they are not in the sense celebrating the birth of Christ but rather the representation of what Christmas is about. It’s about being kind, selfless, giving to friends, family or nature. It’s about willing to go the extra miles for each other no matter what.


Think about it. A day off work, to forget weight gains (or loss) and scoff your face with all kind of delicious foods and drinks, hang out (or not) with friends and families and be given all kind of lovely cute and ridiculous silly gifts. Have a game or two, a walk, chats and then later pass out snoring on the sofa. And miss out on all the drama? No! Who wouldn’t enjoy that?! LOL


Christmas can never be boring. Each year is unique. Christmas is… just…Christmas!

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