The world is a canvas of unlimited beautiful adventures. Beauty above, below and undiscovered. From behind the lens I capture the hidden gems… Kay x

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Lets, Meet ME!

For me life is a journey of discovery. It’s about embracing the challenges; the good and ugly. I enjoy meeting new people, interacting with them and learning about them and from them. I see beauty in everything.

I attended Uni with the intent of pursuing a course in something artistic; I opted for a course in Contents Production.
As photography has always been a passion of mine it made perfect sense to expand into a field which gives me joy and pleasure. For me photography is not just about taking pictures, it’s about capturing those rare moments or the hidden beauties.

Apart from photography, my other loves are my cats (they make a dull day interesting with laughter), driving – yeah, many people don’t like driving I do, lol. I also like to bake yummy cupcakes, write, read and travel.

Did I mention I love to travel? Yes I do! Exploring new places and new cultures is a great way to enhance one’s outlook. For me there’s no better way of expanding one’s knowledge than by travelling to different cities and capturing exquisite photos.

There’s a vast beautiful world out there. So much to see, to experience and to share. Life is an endless canvas waiting to be explored.
Peace and Love
Kay x

My Work Ethics

Every occasion is different but special. I look to capture the special moments.

Getting to know my clients is a vital part of the process. For us to connect and embrace the visions for the day.

My method is to take natural un-choreographed photos. I try to be inconspicuous as possible hoping that everyone’ having fun and are oblivious to my presence.

During the event, I capture those little moments; the little skips, beautiful smiles, bellowed laughter, gentle hugs and sweet whispers of friends and families. To catch glimpses of people looking their best and being their best within a beautiful setting.

My intention is to immortalise great moments of a special time spent with families and friends. I try to be unobtrusive as much as possible.

I cannot guarantee the perfect weather or an uncle not misbehaving, but I can assure you of a collection of beautifully shots photos of your family, friends and the event in stunning vivid colours. I aim to show you the beauty of the surroundings captured from behind the lens.

I am open to ideas and suggestions (we work as a team), bearing in mind that no occasion is the same, it would be great to leave room for flexibility and creativity.

So why not sit back and relax (or should I say – ‘step back’), have fun, LOL, embrace your family and friends; enjoy the moment!

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